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mennena day if leaving the country.


We dedicate time, energy, resources in the people who go out for the news.  We invest  in the  talents  and potentials of  the   professionals.  Basically, we focus on   capacity  building of our  people so that they can be prepared for the challenges ahead. We are the light for all. We  focus on the needs of our readers and bring to them new  level of  innovation that inspires them.


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Mennena headline:From the heart of Mennena.

 Mennena  experience as a Goodwill Ambassador triggered Mennena  quest to become number one. 


Mennena : "our experience with marketing even spiked my interest in wanting to do more in our capacity from a larger scale, but we soon realized that we could not solve all of the problems on our own as a enitity.


It was then that we developed the desire to see a better Liberian youth where the ordinary citizens will be given opportunities to succeed, a Liberia where our national wealth will not just be distributed among a selected few. A Liberia where our people will be liberated from the shackles of poverty, A Liberia where elitism will be abolished and corruption declared a common enemy.


A Liberia where both Muslims and Christians will live together in peace and harmony. A Liberia where you or your relatives will not be left to die at a hospital simply because you couldn't afford the money for the hospital bill.


A Liberia where our youths and young graduates will not be gallivanting in our society due to lack of jobs, but will be given opportunities to succeed.

Mennena like having fun with this one style

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These are the most interesting people based in London and Mennena

This is the teal eggnut you will never wait to ever relax with tho🔝🔝hot



You know I like something about these two people They're happy people interesting in pleasure

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I really like to be open to letting everybody's know this is how we roll at the very end of every saturation like this.

Changing pro


Mennena news


We need change

It's has been a quite a while we have gotten a thousands of complain that the product is running out focus.
Jarline the executive producer said OK since members of the station are complaining there should be a total change in business, Jarta Eddy Tatee said this station request is important issue and we need to handle as soon as possible.

Yesterday jarline Tatee brought back new strategic producing new eggnut & dust.

We ask all members to come and try the new one that has been put outside for pleasure.

Mennena activities

This is how we roll all day till 11:30

Eggnut block

This'd the building of mennena block behind the upstep building Matadi turning point,if you cone here you'll feel more happy for what you came or spent.